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Hill Family Biking - Cleanup Ride

Saturday, February 24th - 10:30am

Starting at Maury Elementary Parking Lot

From Hill Family Biking: 

Join Hill Family Biking and bring your work gloves. We’ll ride to three locations hosted by ANC commissioners to beautiful our neighborhood!

Let’s ride bikes and beautify our neighborhoods! Join Hill Family Biking for the Community Clean-Up Ride where we’ll ride to three pre-determined locations (see the trash cans on the route map below) hosted by ANC commissioners to pick up trash. Be sure to bring your work gloves, trash bags and trash pickers. We’ll have extras provided by DPW. Be thinking about what location you want to end at, so we can easily break into groups before we all ride together and drop off each group at their clean-up site.

For more information visit: https://hillfamilybiking.org/events/2024-02-24-kidical-mass/